Empower your dApps with Particle Network's MPC + Account Abstraction solution, delivering seamless user experience and streamlined transactions to Web3
Key Features

Batch Transactions

Bundle multiple transactions for reduced gas costs and improved efficiency.

Sponsor Transactions/Gasless

Accessible, user-friendly blockchain experience with sponsored gas fees.

Pay Gas Using ERC20 Tokens

Greater flexibility with transactions using preferred ERC20 tokens.

And more upcoming features
Benefits of the MPC+AA solution
Enhanced Security:Higher level of asset security.
Seamless User Experience:Simplified onboarding and transactions.
Simplified Development:Focus on core product with wallet management handled.
Integration and Cross-Platform Compatibility
Developers can leverage Particle Network SDKs to create AA-compatible applications across various platforms:
Regular Codebase Auditing for Peace of Mind
By industry-leading providers to ensure the highest level of wallet safety.