Buy, send, receive and swap tokens
Achieves full wallet functionality in your dApp within 30 minutes
One Wallet Manages Multi-Chain Assets
One account to manage all digital items, including NFTs, across over 12 blockchains. Achieve functionality in your dApp within 30 minutes.
Particle Network is committed to providing developers with comprehensive, user-friendly, and secure Web3 infrastructure services. Our Wallet is the entry point to the Web3 world: Particle Wallet Service provides developers with complete multi-terminal wallet function solutions, covering iOS, Android, Web, and Unity. Integrate a fully-functional wallet into your dApp within 30 minutes with our powerful wallet foundation API.
Particle Network
Integrate in minutes
Supports any use case
Particle Wallet provides a variety of practical functions as well as enhanced APIs for data, transactions, and more. If you want to learn more about these features, please contact us.
Offer yield and staking
Collectibles or marketplaces
Commerce or peer-to-peer
Play-to-earn mechanics
On-chain or off-chain signing
Digital identities
Make it easier for your users to enter the blockchain world
Allow customers to purchase and interact directly in your application.
We handle the hard work of regulatory licensing and compliance, allowing you to focus on growth.
Powerful Wallet SDKs & UX For Any Platform
Bring web3 to any platform simply by installing a small SDK. Particle does all the platform specific groundwork while you can focus on your use-case.
World-class security
Multiple solutions to ensure asset security
Multi-factor authentication
Authenticate using email or social media to improve security.
Multi-party signature
No party can initiate the signature except the user themselves.
Third-party security audit
We cooperate with multiple security companies and accept supervision from users and client projects.
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