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saves time and improves reliability, allowing developers to optimize and scale their dApps.


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High Reliability

Why Particle Network?
Seamlessly onboard using email, Web2 social accounts or Web3 wallets, secured by our advanced MPC-TSS technology.
Integrate all Web3 wallet functions from token swap to on-off ramp into your dApp in 30 mins.
One-stop NFT Solution
Effortlessly create, manage, and distribute NFTs and set up an NFT marketplace all within your dApp.
Node & Data Service
Reliable access to all major blockchains, prioritizing data accuracy and scalability.
Particle Auth
Particle Auth is a pluggable auth infrastructure for Web3.0 wallets and applications. It supports mobile number, email and various social accounts for login, providing a seamless user onboarding process. The account will be associated with a blockchain wallet, which is secured with a "Threshold Signatures Vault".
Onboard users within seconds for
Increase conversion rates by 95% with log-in processes familiar to both new and degen Web3 users
Remove seed phrases for newcomers, reduce risk and fear
Robusticity that scales with your wallet or dApp
Enabled by Particle Network to combine the security needs of Web2 and Web3
Particle Network provides MPC (Multi-Party Computation)-based TSS (Threshold Signatures Scheme).

We’ve replaced the traditional private key with two independently-created mathematical secret shares, thus eliminating the single point of failure.

Why use the multi-party computation (MPC) Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) ?
Core Scheme
Not single private key & No party can initiate sign except the user himself!
Two parties cooperate through a safe and fast connection
No one can ever reconstruct the private key
User's private key can be easily accessed by the developer
They must reconstruct the full private key in order to sign
When use 1/2 mode by default, they can reconstruct at server side
Private key is generated and used at a single location, it's easy to hack and get full control
Every time they retrieve the private key from KMS only to make the user feel safe but actually it's not safe
Essentially they control what's encrypted in KMS
Integrate full-functioning wallet features into your dApp within 30 minutes.
Particle Network empowers GameFi, Metaverse, NFT, SocialFi, DeFi and more with a streamlined web3 experience with its powerful plug-and-play in-app wallet infrastructure.
Buy, send, receive and swap tokens
Particle Wallet provides developers a complete wallet solution. Makes it safe and easy for your users to transfer, buy, swap tokens and collect NFTs in a multichain environment.
Fiat-to-crypto APIs
Allow customers to purchase crypto via fiat within your application.
While we handle all the heavy-lifting such as compliance for your growth.
Supports any use case
Our wallet solution maintains maximum compatibility across different blockchains and platforms while preserving the best quality, making it easy to scale your business.
Offer yield and staking
Commerce or peer-to-peer
On-chain or off-chain governance
Collectibles or marketplaces
Play-to-earn mechanisms
Digital identities
A beautiful home for all your users' NFTs and Tokens
An aesthetic presence to your NFT in Particle Wallet, with a great variety of appearances to match the vibe of your brand.
Particle NFT Service
Create, manage and distribute NFTs in your dApp.
A quick tap into the growing NFT market with our all-in-one NFT solution. Cater all the needs from creating, sales to secondary trading with extensive forms and strategies.
One-stop NFT Service solution
The Particle NFT service supports the NFT minting from a variety of file formats; it also supports batch minting. During mint, NFTs will be marked with different attributes and rarity levels.
You can also build your own tools with our APIs. We're happy to feature what you've built here.
Using the Particle NFT Service to Build Your Marketplace
Developed by an experienced crypto-native team, this service will help any project open its own NFT market with only a few lines of code.
Accessible in minutes
Call on the Particle NFT service API to easily integrate marketplace functionalities into your dApp.
Seamless experience
Users can easily buy and sell NFTs without leaving your dApp.
Abundant sales forms
Including one-off sales, bidding, offers, lotteries as well as other purchasing methods will also be available.
Multichains support
Available for both EVM and non-EVM chains such as Solana.
Top-level security
Particle Network conducts security control over the entire process of users' withdrawal of NFTs, the transaction process, and NFT deposit to ensure the security of user assets, allowing developers to focus on dApp development.
Analyse and collect feedback for your NFT sales with business intelligence (WIP).
Particle Node
Supercharged Blockchain API
Cover all the functionalities you need for interacting with the blockchain, provide users the best performance in the industry with supercharged reliability, data correctness, and scalability.
Innovative architecture for Web 3.0
Particle Network scales every piece of node functionality with dedicated distributed systems and maintains real-time data correctness with a proprietary coordinator service.
Data correctness
Web 2.0 infrastructure uses multiple servers managed by a load balancer. This fails with blockchain because each node has different blocks, transactions, and logs. This inevitably causes errors that crash apps and ruin user experience. Particle Network ensures that data is always correct, real-time, and in sync thanks to a proprietary coordinator service.
Infinite scalability
Don't worry about maintaining your own infrastructure. The challenges are so complex at scale and spinning up more nodes just increases data errors, leading to crashes that cost you users and sleep. Particle Network scales quickly and seamlessly so you can spend more time creating products and delighting users.
Cross-chain Web3 API
Get in-depth data about NFTs, tokens, user balances, transactions, trades and much more!
Top-level security to protect user assets.
Particle Network provides an MPC (Multi-Party Computation)-based TSS (Threshold Signatures Scheme). No party can initiate a signature except the user themselves. Our SDK already supports built-in risk control rules and real-time notifications for users.
Using Particle Network means leveraging on a both academic and performance vetted infrastructure. It routinely undergoes review from external parties.
The home for all Web3.0 developers—including you
Particle Network has created a dedicated space for our developer community to come together, ask and answer questions, and have open-ended conversations.
Join our community, warmly introduce yourself, and connect with other dApp builders!
Connect your application with a unified API
Powerful SDKs For Any Platform
Bring web3 to any platform simply by installing a small SDK. Particle Network does all the platform specific groundwork while you can focus on your use-case.
Android & iOS SDKs
Quickly build a mobile Web3 project.
Bring Web3 to your web app by using vanilla Javascript or our dedicated React SDKs.
Game SDK
Native supports for mainstream game engines. Building game on Web3 that hardcore gamers also enjoy!
Backend SDK
Well designed embedded backend SDK available catering your customised integration needs for any sceneario.
Particle Network has raised $7 million to build a middleware platform to support web3 developers.
The game dev platform bagged $1.5M from a seed round led by LongHash Ventures.
Developers have already built several games using Particle Network.
Proudly backed by the best
Particle Network's tools have helped ReadON create an engaging and rewarding reading experience for our users. I'm excited to see how our collaboration will continue to drive growth in the Web3 creator economy space.
Particle Network has brought some serious magic to QuestN's user experience. I love how they've made onboarding smooth and enjoyable for our users across different devices. They know how to keep things light while delivering top-notch results!
The strides Particle Network has made in the Web3 space have truly amazed us at Animoca Brands. It's an honor to be part of their journey.
Regular Codebase Auditing for Peace of Mind
By industry-leading providers to ensure the highest level of wallet safety.