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Frequently Asked Questions
What is MAU?
Monthly active users (MAU) is the number of unique users that have logged in to your app at least one time within the month (30 days).
How do you determine if a user is ‘active’?
A user is considered active only if they login to your app at least once within the month. Users have unlimited logins so the number of times that they login would not be included towards your MAU count.

E.g. User A login to your dapp 5 times within the month, your MAU count for that user will still be 1.
How is MAU charged?
Every month, we will take the total number of active unique user login from all of your mainnet apps which you have registered in the dashboard.

For developer plan, your first 2,000 MAU each month is free. You will only pay once you exceed your free 2,000 MAU with a charge of $0.1 per additional MAU. This amount is scalable based on your MAU count and if you have more MAUs, the price will be cheaper.
Will my MAU differ based on use cases?
No. MAU is solely calculated based on the number of active users all your registered mainnet app gets in a month.
What is payment like?
Payment methods will only be triggered upon reaching 2,000 MAU. An invoice will be available in your dashboard at the end of the month where you can choose your payment method to pay.
How do I sign up for your Developer plan?
All you have to do is get started by login to your Dashboard and you will automatically be under the developer plan.
Will my users not be able to login after I exceed my free 2,000 MAU?
Don't worry, your users will still be able to login. However, after the first 2,000 MAU, we will charge for every additional MAU attained after the first free 2,000 MAUs. This will be sent as an invoice to you on Dashboard.
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