The One-Stop Modular Wallet Solution

One-Click Seamless Onboarding for Web3

Client Partners
Activated Wallets
One-Click Login for Web3
Social Login & Connect Wallet
Optimizing the onboarding process while helping Web 2.0 users transition into a keyless, secure experience.
Particle Auth
Onboard users in one click through a Web 2.0-adjacent interface. Embed a users’ wallet right within your dApp to supercharge their experience.
Particle Connect
Connect to both Web 2.0 accounts and mainstream wallets, enhancing accessibility through a unified interface.
Secure, simple & non-custodial
Security provided by MPC-TSS
Particle leverages MPC-TSS to authenticate accounts through two distinct signatures provided by independent key shares, allowing transactions to be executed without introducing a single point of failure. Without an exposed private key, only the user has the authority to operate their wallet, ensuring enhanced security and control.
All functions in one SDK
Particle Network offers a robust suite of SDKs and APIs for developers. Spend less than 30 minutes to integrate Smart Wallet-as-a-Service on iOS, Android, Web, Unity, and more!
Any Platform
Any Function
Any Chain
Future-Proof Modular Design
Revolutionary Account Abstraction Infrastructure
Regardless of a developer’s intended implementation of AA within their application, we've built in the modularity required to enable complete utilization of ERC-4337, powered by Particle’s AA-SDK at any level of the underlying tech stack.
Particle Smart Account
Through our future-proof modular design, developers can introduce implementations for any Smart Account. Our integrations with Biconomy, Alchemy, and others further enhance the development experience.
Particle Paymaster
Recharge in the Particle dashboard to use our open-source Paymaster on all chains supporting ERC-4337.
Particle Bundler
The Particle Bundler is a fully compliant, feature-rich, high-performance, infinitely scalable 4337 Bundler implementation, serving to facilitate the mass adoption of Smart Accounts.
Open, Permissionless, and Modular Infrastructure
Our Product - Modular Smart WaaS
Other Services for Web3
Node Service
Implement reliable and scalable RPC nodes across 50+ blockchains, supercharging your application with the best performance in the industry.
NFT Service
Create, manage, and distribute NFTs in your dApp. Quickly tap into the growing NFT market with our all-in-one NFT solution, allowing developers to integrate a diverse set of NFT-related functions within their dApps.
Data API
Available directly through all Particle Nodes, the Particle Data API enables the reliable retrieval of complex, multi-faceted on-chain data.
Particle has integrated multiple fiat on-ramps, supporting dozens of fiat and cryptocurrencies across various chains. A gateway to the encrypted world.