Optimizing expression-to-outcome

Intent Fusion Protocol

Creating a Domain Specific Language for User Intent Expression and Execution

What is Intent Fusion Protocol
Find the optimal path from expression to desired outcome
The Intent Fusion Protocol is a permissionless, universal framework for expressing, transforming, and executing user intents. We introduce a general data authorization and transfer method capable of expressing data transfers for any smart contract, aggregating data liquidity across on-chain and off-chain environments. By utilizing a concise Domain-Specific Language (DSL) specification with the definition of Input and Output data constraints constructing intents, the protocol significantly enhances developers’ capabilities to build applications, streamlining user interactions across various Web3 protocols and improving overall UX efficiency.
Core Components
Intent DSL
Developers accurately express the user’s intent through arrays of Input and Output Data constraints.
Request For Solver
An intent Solver monitors the Intent mempool, responds to the user’s RFS, and collaborates with the user to build the Intent Object.
Reactor and Executor
Once the Solver receives the Intent Object containing the user’s signature, they call the on-chain Reactor contract, specifying their Executor contract for executing the intent.
Particle’s unique positioning in the Intent-Centric domain

-A unified language and framework for the expression-to-intent Translation Layer.

-A development kit for the compound requirement Coordination Layer.

-Particle Network’s proprietary zkEVM for full-chain account abstraction management and computation.