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A Money-Making Web3 Dress-Up Game
The first Web3 game to top the Google Play Store game rankings
Shortened Time-to-Market
Faster Sync Time
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"The infrastructure is both reliable and scalable, and exactly what we need for a product like ours-built from the ground up from 0 to 1. This opens up endless possibilities for us."
Ben Huang, Game Designer, Power of Women: Genesis NFT
Create true interactive experiences in Web3. Monetize playtime.
Power of Women: Genesis NFT is a dress-up game with an intriguing storyline. Players will live through the experiences of the main character, Ann. They collect diamonds throughout the game to advance the plot, then help Ann say goodbye to the past and find love. Within the game, players receive a variety of limited clothing NFTs, which they can trade to obtain benefits.
Starting a gaming project from the ground up is hard. Web3 makes it even harder.
Creating a popular, high-quality game requires long-term polishing, and you’re always against the clock.
The Power of Women: Genesis NFT team encountered such a problem: they aimed to ensure top gaming quality, but spent much of their time and effort learning about technologies increasingly overwhelmed their development team. As a result, they sought Particle Network as an infrastructure provider to meet their needs and guarantee scalability. Particle Network was tasked to meet the following:
A multi-chain wallet: Power of Women: Genesis NFT is launching on different blockchains, similar to in-game servers, which requires robust multi-chain infrastructure.
Lowering the barriers to enter for players, an essential step to increase the number of active players.
Creating a complete NFT system, including casting, an NFT marketplace, and other functions.
Having effective financial risk control methods in place.
Developing efficiently while ensuring top quality, saving time and valuable resources.
A multi-chain wallet
Lowering the barriers to enter for players
Creating a complete NFT system
Control financial risks
Saving time
How Particle Network solved specific development problems for Power of Women: Genesis NFT.
__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngOnboarding players unfamiliar with the Web3 environment.
Particle’s authentication services allow new blockchain users to log in with their phone number or email. This automatically generates a new Web3 wallet for them, abstracting away onboarding complexities.
__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngOnboarding players unfamiliar with the Web3 environment.
Particle Auth allows one account to manage wallets on multiple chains. To enable this, developers only need to toggle in the multi-chain function when customizing Particle, enabling players to play across chains without switching accounts.
__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngCreating an NFT platform that supports Power of Women: Genesis NFT’s variety of NFTs and designs.
Particle’s NFT service can easily meet high demand requirements, supporting the varying rarity levels needed by NFT collections. Particle Network also facilitates batch-casting templates, which developers can use after customizing them to directly import and cast all their NFTs at once.
__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngDistributing and enabling NFT trading.
Particle Network has complete SDKs & APIs for all its functionalities, which can be integrated with minimal code. This allows for reduced development time (30+ days for Power of Women: Genesis NFT’s v1!)
__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngWeb3 development is resource- and time-intensive.
Particle’s NFT service provides the developers with complete NFT marketplace functionalities, including NFT listing, buy-ins, royalties, auctions, and more.
Particle Network: The best full-stack service for developers.
By integrating Particle Network, Power of Women: Genesis NFT’s team saved a significant amount of development time. Particle also provided support in the game’s final user experience testing stage, allowing their Web2 developers to easily transition to Web3.
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