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Seamless and Secure Authentication, Gas-Free Wallet Deposits and Token Swaps
A leading decentralized trading platform offering cross-margin perpetual contracts
Reduced Web3 Development Time
Web2 Users Onboarded
"From authentication to wallet services, Particle's solutions contribute to ApeX's user fund security through their MPC-TSS technology and offer cost-effective transactions with gasless features."
Mariam, Head of Marketing, ApeX Pro
The Power of Batched Transactions & Gasless Swaps
ApeX Pro is a non-custodial trading platform delivering limitless, cross-margin perpetual contracts to its community under a new social trading framework. It is primed to deliver limitless access to the perpetual swaps market with its orderbook model, remaining committed to speed, efficiency, transparency and security.
Increased security for ApeX’s users, powered by Particle Network's MPC-TSS technology.
Particle Network's MPC-TSS technology eliminates vulnerabilities by distributing keys across multiple nodes, ensuring robust security and eliminating single points of failure.
In addition to MPC-TSS, Particle Network's solution includes multiple encryption layers, like the Master Password feature and a dedicated Isolated KMS, safeguarding sensitive user information.
Particle Network also offers gasless transactions, simplifying interactions by removing transaction fees. Additionally, Particle’s full-stack solutions enable easy end-to-end application development, enhancing the overall user experience.
High security
Full Stack Solutions
How did Particle Network address ApeX’s specific development issues?
__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngCreating a cohesive, simplified User Experience

Particle Network played a crucial role in the development of ApeX’s solutions, simplifying Web3 onboarding.

Through close collaboration, ApeX integrated Particle’s authentication, Wallet-as-a-Service, and Account Abstraction solutions, creating a seamless User Experience. This eliminated the complexities of Web3 wallet creation, allowing new users to easily register using familiar Web2 login methods like X and Google.

__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngSafeguarding users’ private keys

Particle Network secures ApeX users’ funds and information by using MPC-TSS (Multi-Party Computation with Threshold Signatures Scheme) technology.

By distributing keys among multiple nodes, this cutting-edge approach reduces vulnerabilities and eliminates single points of failure. The implementation of multiple encryption layers, including Master Passwords and a dedicated and isolated Key Management System (KMS) further protects sensitive user information.

__next_static_media_four_0_3fe12a7a_pngIntegrating gasless transactions

With Particle Network’s integration, ApeX’s users gain access to gasless fund deposits, streamlining the user journey and saving money for them along the way.

This feature, using batched transactions, combines ERC-20 token approval and ApeX contract deposits into a simplified, single step.By holding ERC-20 tokens like USDC in their Smart Wallet, users can effortlessly recharge their account without worrying about gas fees or complexity.

Particle Network’s gasless solution addresses ApeX’s demand for a friendly, cost-effective UX.

Simplifying Web3 Onboarding and Web3 Wallet Creation with Particle's SDK, designed for both Mobile and Web.
Particle Network's SDK simplifies Web3 onboarding and wallet creation on ApeX Pro. Users can securely create Web3 non-custodial wallets through social logins, conduct swaps, and eliminate the complexity of external setup and CEX fund transfers.
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Enabling Web2 users to quickly enter Web3
Particle Network provides developers with a Web2-adjacent login solution and simplified wallet experience. Our solution integrates on/off-ramp services to reduce users’ learning curve.