An EVM-compatible AA protocol for developers building in the Bitcoin and Ordinal ecosystem

BTC Connect

First batch of ecosystem partners
What is BTC Connect?
BTC Connect takes advantage of the ERC-4337 design and L2 EVM-compatible chains to introduce a Smart Account, Paymaster, Bundler, and unique Bitcoin-specific Modal. With it, developers in the world of Bitcoin L2s, Ordinals, and Inscriptions can offer their users access to gasless trades, account programmability, etc. All existing BTC wallets can be used to control Smart Accounts on Layer-2s, opening new possibilities for dApps while interconnecting BTC and the smart contract ecosystem.
In other words, BTC Connect removes the the complexities of accounts and transactions across networks, driving value and new users to BTC applications.
The First Account Abstraction Protocol in the BTC Ecosystem
On BTC EVM L2s, developers can batch transactions, leverage Paymasters for gasless interactions, and much more.
BTC Modal aggregating mainstream BTC wallets & simplifying connection and interactions with Bitcoin
Fully-featured, in dApp-embedded BTC Smart Wallet
Use a BTC wallet to sign for and control Smart Accounts on EVM-compatible Bitcoin L2s
Interact with EVM-compatible BTC L2s without downloading EVM wallets