One-Click login for Web 3.0
A simple self-custodial auth infra for Web3 apps and wallets
Applied to a wide range of use cases
One-for-All Authentication
Particle Auth can be integrated with any wallet, platform, chain and social login. You can even plug in your existing auth setup.
Onboard users within seconds for
The solution that the next billion web3 users await: Non-custodial & Seamless Onboarding
Better user experience
Log in and seamlessly connect to Web3 in the way Web2 users are most familiar with.
Support multiple chains
One login, which is equivalent to a wallet with all chains.
Seedless wallet
Use MPC-TSS to provide a safe and private key-free experience.
Customize Auth UI Style
Make your login experience blended into your application on your website for any chain. Particle Auth Services allows you to fully customize color, border radius, wallet providers and a lot more — all through an easy-to-use API. Get a feel for it below!
Secure, simple & non-custodial
Enabled by multi-party computation (MPC) Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS)
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How does MPC-TSS work?
After the fragments at both ends are independently signed, the two independent signatures are merged and confirmed on the chain. No private key wallet, no one can operate his wallet except the user.
One-click experience:
Improved user conversion rate
Enhanced security and reliability
Greatly reduces the learning curve for new users. Let users focus more on experiencing dApp.
Accurate, safe and time-saving
Particle Auth provides a complete signature service. Using the MPC (multi-party computation)-based TSS (Threshold Signatures Scheme) means that the user can initiate a signature to ensure the security of the their account and assets.
Effective, customized and highly flexible
Regular Codebase Auditing for Peace of Mind
By industry-leading providers to ensure the highest level of wallet safety.
Plug in Particle Auth
and focus on what truly matters